Lukas Roels, Angels of Time, TimeWorks, ISBN 978-90-818334-0-0

Lukas Roels studied photography at the Academy of Arts in Ghent, Belgium, before becoming a press photographer. Now he teaches photography at several schools and leads workshops for children, youngsters and adults.

Lukas, who is a master of the use of available daylight, works almost exclusively as an artist and rarely takes on commercial work.

Lukas has had exhibitions all over the world, even as far away as Melbourne. In his series ‘Angels of Time’ the photographer makes nude photographs of children of different ages. The resulting beautiful black and white pictures cover topics such as nostalgia, candidness, wishes and dreams, time and evanescence.

His images are not sexual. They go beyond gender and record the universal beauty of young bodies. The children do not hide anything or provoke, they are just there: self-assured, and sometimes a tad mischievous, but always innocent.

An Australian photographer friend put it this way: ‘what I like about your work is the way you capture light and your subject within it.’

Anne Longerstaey, Art Review

‘Angels of Time’ publication by Belgian top photographer Lukas Roels. Hardcover, 90 p.


Price on demand (few copies left).

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About Lukas Roels

Professional photographer/teacher
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